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Concho sits surrounded by hills in the highlands of eastern Arizona. It used to be a stop on U.S. Highway 180, but the town dwindled in size and the highway was rerouted to use a shorter route that bypassed the town and the hills around it. The highway north of Concho is now designated U.S. Highway 180A, and State Highway 61 follows its route on the east and continues southwest through Concho Valley and eventually meets U.S. Highway 60.

With Concho's decline in population, many older buildings have been abandoned and their ruins can be seen around the town. No census figure is available for Concho, but it appeared that not more than about a hundred people live there today.

Concho Lake is a reservoir built on Concho Creek to the southwest. A community has sprung up on the hill overlooking the lake and sometimes Concho is referred to as "Old Concho" and the newer community as Concho, to the offense of the old timers of Concho. The only church in Concho is San Rafael Catholic Church, contrasting St. Johns to the east, and Snowflake to the west, which were settled by Mormons, and religious tension is still felt today.

The elevation at Concho is 5,931 feet.

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