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St. Johns sits at 5,700 feet in elevation on a hill overlooking a valley surrounding the Little Colorado River in the eastern highlands of Arizona. The high elevation moderates the climate of its southern location, and irrigation water provides for ranching in the surrounding grassland. The city is beautified by many trees planted by the early settlers, which sets it off from the somewhat barren surroundings.

St. Johns was settled in 1873 by two brothers by the name of Barth. Ammon Tenney, a Mormon settler, purchased it from them in 1879 and organized the settlement of St. Johns. When Apache County was organized in 1879, St. Johns became the county seat.

U.S. Highways 180 and 191 intersect at St. Johns and State Highway 61 passes through, sharing a route with the other two highways. U.S. Highway 180 approaches from the west, passing along Cleveland Street, the main street of the town. It intersects with Highway 191 on the east side of town, and joins it heading southward. U.S. Highway 191 approaches from the north, makes a bend westward on the east side of town, and then turns south at the intersection with highway 180. State Highway 61 shares the route with highway 180 westward out of town, and with highway 191 northward.

The population of St. Johns is listed as 3,592 as of 2007.

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See also the Wikipedia article on St. Johns, and the official city website at www.sjaz.us.

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24th West Street
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Airport Road
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Seventh West Street
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U.S. Highway 180
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Water Street
White Mountain Drive

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