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Snowflake is located in a valley on Silver Creek in the hilly highlands of eastern Arizona. Irrigated farmland, dotted with trees fills the bottoms along the creek on the east side of town while a desert scene of shrubs and grasses covers the hills to the west. Other than a gentle rise along the edges of the valley, and a few sudden pointy hills, the surrounding terrain is quite flat.

Snowflake was settle on July 21, 1878 by William J. Flake and his family, who purchased a ranch on Silver Creek. They were soon joined by other Mormon settlers who (like the Flakes) had failed to establish settlements along the Little Colorado River. A visiting authority of the LDS Church named Erastus Snow suggested the name Snow-Flake.

In 2002 the LDS Church built a beautiful temple about a mile west of town on a prominent hill that had been called Pin Head Hill, which now goes by the name Temple Hill. This has precipitated a growth of the town in that direction.

Snowflake has a twin city, Taylor bordering it on the south, and the two towns have grown together. Other than that, it is a number of miles in any direction to any town of consequence, leaving it fairly isolated in the Arizona deserts. State Highway 77 connects the city to Holbrook on the north and Show Low to the south. State Highway 277 heads westward and the Concho Highway leads to Concho, a dwindling community to the east.

The elevation at Snowflake ranges from 5,580 long the creek, to 5,790 at Temple Hill. The population as of 2007 was estimated to be 5,343. The Mogollon Rim passes by several miles to the south, and the White Mountains lie to the southeast.

For More Information:
See the Wikipedia article on Snowflake, and the city's official site. The book Mormon Settlement in Arizona by James McClintock contains information on the settlement of Snowflake in Chapter 15.

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