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The town Eagar lies in Round Valley at the feet of the White Mountains at the lofty elevation of 7,100 feet. The White Mountains, just south of town, rise above 9,000 feet and with large ponderosa pine forests and alpine lakes, provide a beautiful recreational area. The Little Colorado River has its source in the mountains near Eagar, and flows northward into the plains and deserts.

Eagar was settled in the late 1800s by a family by the name of Eagar. It was named Union for many years, symbolizing the unity among the settlers in the area. In 1948 it was incorporated with the name Eagar to honor the original settlers. The town shows its Mormon roots in the orderly grid of wide streets. The town of Springerville lies immediately north of Eagar. Collectively they are known as Round Valley, being nestled in a valley that is nearly round, and several miles across.

Eagar is home to the Round Valley Dome, boasted to be the first enclosed High School football stadium. It is an impressive structure for the size of the community, easy to spot from a distance, but secluded off the main streets, and hard to find once you're in town.

Mountain Avenue is the main street of town, running north-south, and connecting to Springerville. Central Avenue is the main east-west street, which is also Arizona Highway 260. U.S. Highways 180 & 191 (a combined route) pass by Eagar on the east.

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See Eagar's official site at www.eagaraz.gov, and Wikipedia's Eagar article.

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