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Santa Fe Locomotive No. 3750

Presented tot he City of Kingman as a
historical monument in 1957 by the Santa
Fe Railway Company.

This "Mountain Type" coal burning steam
locomotive was built in 1927 by the Baldwin
Locomotive Works. It was rebuilt and
converted to oil fuel in 1941.

No. 3759 was on the passenger run between
los Angeles and Kansas City for many
years, making ten round trips monthly.
Average east-bound speed was 54.3 MPH;
west-bound 60.2 MPH. Kingman was a
"water stop" on the east-bound run. No.
3759 traveled a total of 2,585,600 miles
during its years of service and made the
final steam powered run from Los Angeles
to Barstow in 1953 when diesel power
replaced steam on the Santa Fe line.

Gross Weight Incl. Tender468,800 Lbs.
Weight on Drivers236 Lbs.
Tractive Force66 Lbs.
Cylinder Size30" x 30"
Diameter of Drivers80"
Boiler Pressure230 PSI
Tender Capacity (Water)20,000 Gal.
Tender Capacity (Fuel Oil)7,107 Gal.
Overall Length108' 7"
Top Speed100 MPH

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