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The unincorporated town of Beaver Dam sits in the Virgin Valley in the extreme northwest corner of Arizona. The the surrounding broad expanse of desert is broken by the Beaver Dam Wash, a river bottom area a couple hundred feet lower in elevation. The Beaver Dam Wash is dry, but in rare, heavy rains can carry a large flow of water. The wash converges with the Virgin River just to the south. Thanks to the Virgin River, the spot is an oasis in the desert, sporting green grass and trees, while the ground above is gravelly and covered with creosote bushes and occasional Joshua Trees. While the desert extends for many miles to the west, the Beaver Dam Mountains rise a few miles to the east. Their rocky slopes are broken by cliffs and angular canyons.

Mormon pioneers settled at Littlefield, a neighboring town to the south in the 1800s. After U.S. Highway 91 was built through the area, The Beaver Dam Lodge was built next to the highway. Recently, the town has seen tremendous growth as a retirement community, due to the warm climate. The population was 1,053 at the 2000 census.

Beaver Dam is cut off from the rest of Arizona by the Grand Canyon. Interstate 15, which passes by Beaver Dam on the south, leads into Utah to the northeast, and Nevada to the west. There is no paved road that connects Beaver Dam to any other location in Arizona. Just east of Beaver Dam, Interstate 15 passes through the dramatic Virgin River Gorge.

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