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Wenden is a town of 556 people in McMullen Valley in western Arizona. It was founded in the early 1900s as a supply depot for the mines in the nearby mountains. Wenden is situated on both sides of the railroad with its streets aligned parallel and perpendicular to the tracks, rather than aligned with the compass. It is surrounded by farmland where watermelons, cantaloupes and cotton are grown. Beyond the farmland, the land is covered with desert vegetation including saguaro cactus, cholla and jumping cholla cactus, and especially the creosote bush. To the north lie the Harcuvar Mountains, and to the south, the Harquahala Mountains. Harquahala Mountain, the tallest peak of the Harquahala Mountains, rises prominently to the east, reaching an elevation of 5,861 feet.

The Centennial Wash passes along the south side of Wenden. Normally it is mostly dry, but in rare heavy rainstorms, can fill right up, and twice flooded the town of Wenden, in 2000 and 2010.

U.S. Highway 60 passes through Wenden, parallel to the railroad tracks. It heads southwest to Salome and northeast to Aguila. It was a major route of travel through central Arizona until it was largely replaced by Interstate 10, which passes along the other side of the Harquahala Mountains. Alamo Road heads north from Wenden, leading to Alamo Lake, a remote recreational destination some fifty miles distant.

The elevation at Wenden is about 1.850 feet next to the Centennial Wash on the south side of town, and is only thirty feet higher at the north end of town, being nearly flat.

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