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Poston 1942 - 1945

to the Poston memorial monument site.
This information kiosk is dedicated
to the "magnificent 8" who built the
Poston Memorial Momument during
1992. The volunteers from Sacramento,
California endured the August sun and
heat for more than 3 weeks.
Ted T. Kobata, Chief of Construction
Masayuki Sunahara
Sid Arase
Jim Kobata
Jim Namba
Susumu Satow
John Sunahara
Duke Takeuchi
Architect Ray Takata, FAIA
Engineering Stephen T. Hamamoto, CE
This kiosk is erected in cooperation
with the Colorado River Indian Tribes,
former internees of Poston, Veterans
and friends of the 50th observance
of the closure of Poston, December 31,1945
November 7, 1995

Amidst the trauma of forced evacuation and
the indignities of interment, children were
the first to adapt to the routine of camp life.
They found numerous playmates, but they
lacked toys and playthings as internees were
limited to only the essentials that they could
carry. Creative parents, relatives and friends
relied on their imagination to make playthings
from scrap lumber, rocks, trees, branches,
shells and other available materials.

22,532 Americans of Japanese ancestry
served in the US Armed Forces between
July 1, 1940 and June 10, 1945
more than 1200 neb abd winab served
from Poston, 117 casualties were reported to
Poston including 25 men who gave their lives
for their country and the principles of
Democracy. In 1944 PFC Frank Oshta visits his
family before departing for the European
Theater with the 442nd reginmental combat team.

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