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Walkway of Flags


Flags have been important to the history of Flagstaff. It was a pine tree used as a flag staff
that gave the town its name when Old Glory was flown at a spring (that that later became the site of
Flagstaff) on the occasion of the nation's centennial—July 4, 1876.

When the city celebrated its own centennial during the year 1994, the City Council and
Centennial Commission decided to fly the flags of every state, and the flags of Flagstaff's sister
cities as a way of showing how Flagstaff has progressed from an isolated outpost to a modern city
connected with the world. Some of the money for the flags came from individual donors who
wanted to honor their home states, and some came from city funds.

The flags were unveiled during a ceremony held on January 2, 1994, kicking off the Flagstaff
Centennial events. They were immediately so popular with residents and visitors alike that in
November 1994, the City Council and Centennial Commission decided to continue to fly the flags during good weather beyond the Centennial year.

Flastaff City Council: Mayor Chris Bavasi, John F. Cavolo, Allen D. Edgar, Rita Johnson, Rick Lopez, John C. McCulloch, Richard Swanson

Centennial Commission: Nancy Cannon, John Taylor Coe, Robert Coody, Sandi Cvercko, Christine Dicob, Paul Ferlazzo,
J.D Hoyt, Thomas Huntington, Theresa Kelley, Richard Mangum, Sherry Mangum, Lois Morel, Ava Stone,
Jerome Williams—Chair, Martin Zanzucchi, Kris Swanson,—Special Events Coordinator.

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