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Welcome to the Agua Fria National Monument

Designated January 11, 2000, the Agua Fria National Monument (AFNM)
protects one of the most significant system of late prehistoric sites in the American
southwest. The monument offers outstanding biological resources, diverse
vegetative communities, pristine riparian habitat, and dramatic topographical
features. This 71,000 acre landscape includes Perry Mesa, Black Mesa, and the Agua Fria
river canyon. At least 450 prehistoric sites were inhabited in this area between
1250 AD and 1450 AD and housed several thousand people.

Services and Water
- No services are available on the monument.
- Gas up, carry extra water, food and clothing for emergency use.
- Prevent dehydration and heat stroke--carry and drink plenty of water.

Roads and Off-Highway Travel
- High clearance, 4-wheel drive vehicles and ATV's are recommended on existing roads and trails only.
- All roads and trails are rugged, unimproved and impassable when wet.

- Summer months bring extra hot temperatures and sudden thunderstorms.
- Flash floods occur with little warning. Stay clear of washes.

- Camp up to 14 days, 1/4 mile from livestock and wildlife watering areas.
- Avoid new impacts--select existing campsites.
- Campfires are allowed unless posted. Use dead and down wood only.
- Make sure your campfire is completely out to prevent wildland fires.
- Please...Pack out ALL Trash!

Archeological and Historic Sites
- Leave artifacts where you find them--they tell a story.
- Touching and marking rock art will damage or destroy it.
- Stay off walls of ruins and rock mounds to avoid damage or injury.
- Taking artifacts and disturbing sites are illegal. To report vandalism call 623-580-5515.

Hunting and Target Shooting
- Hunting is allowed by state permit--call Arizona Game & Fish for details: 602-942-3000.
- Discharging firearms is illegal within 1/4 mile of residences, buildings, across roads or trails.
- Respect other recreationists--Pack out all brass.

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