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The Chain of Life

The interdependency of all forms of life begins with
the sun, which provides the basic energy to
sustain life. The sun's light furnishes the energy
needed by green plants to make food. This energy
is converted to food by herbivores, who consume
plant seeds, leaves and stems. Still other
animals - the carnivores - obtain their
nourishment from the plant eaters.

A plant thrives in the sun's light.
A riabbit eats the plants leaves.
The rabbit becomes a meal for a coyote.

The original energy of the sun has passed along
the chain from the sun, to plants, to animals and
eventually is returned to the soil as bacteria and
other life-enriching organisms.

Life in the desert - from seedling to squirrel,
tarantula to tortoise - is part of an interdependent
chain of life. To destroy one link is to begin the
chain's destruction.

Saguaro National Monument is one of America's
great natural areas set aside by the American
people for the National Park Service to manage and
preserve for future generations.

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