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Old Ajo/Sonoyta Road

Desert Cathedrals

The majestic spires of these mountain ranges are
reminiscent of the great cathedrals of Europe, not only in
their obvious beauty but also in their significance. These
desert cathedrals serve as points of solitude, reflection
and inspiration; monuments to the universal truth that
beauty enriches the spirit.

Perhaps the Spanish explorers who viewed these spires
were reminded of the homes they left behind and found
renewed inspiration for their mission in this strange
land. To the people they encountered here, these mountains
were, and still are, sacred places.

The 8.1 mile trail ahead follows what remains of an old
county road built in the 1930's between Ajo and
Sonoyta, Mexico. This portion was abandoned in 1941
when construction was completed on the present
Highway 85. Evidence of earlier travelers can be seen
periodically along the way. Please remember to leave
these artifacts intact as signs of the continuing history
of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

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