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Valle is a tiny town in the Coconino Plateau south of the Grand Canyon at the junction of U.S. Highway 180 and Arizona Highway 64.

A couple gas stations, motels and souvenir shops cater to the tourists passing through on their way to the Grand Canyon. Visitors can also see WWII airplanes at the Planes of Fame Air Museum in Valle. A scattering of houses on a few dirt side streets complete the picture of the town.

Outside of Valle, sagebrush and other desert vegetation stretch across a level landscape to a great distance. In the distance to the southeast the San Francisco Peaks can be seen, and Red Butte, a small mountain can be seen to the north. Forests of juniper trees extend from both of these mountains toward the town. U.S. Highway 180 heads to the southeast into the San Francisco Mountains. State Highway 64 heads directly north and south.

The elevation is 5,990 feet at the junction, and the ground slopes gradually upward to the southeast and downward to the northwest.

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See Wikipedia’s article on Valle, and site of the Planes of Flame Museum.

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