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People Who Live in Rock Houses

Erosion of sandstone formations leaves a variety of crevices, caves,
and overhangs. Over time, travelers and residents found
creative ways to use these natural features as temporary
or permanent shelter.

Around 1927, Blanch Russell's car broke down as
she traveled through this area. Forced to camp
overnight, she decided she liked the scenery
so well that she bought the property and
stayed. The stone buildings under these
balanced rocks were built shortly after that
in the 1930's.

-Watch for loose rock overhead.
-Fee free to take photographys of these unusual features, but
please respect the private property on which you are standing.
-Visit the historic lodges along the Vermilion Cliffs Highway.

"Before the 1930's the road up
the east side of Kaibab
Mountain was very steep. The
early cars had a gravity fed gas
pump. When climbing the
mountain, the vehicles could not
get gas to the engine, so they
solved the problem by backing
up the steepest parts.
--Cecil Cram, son of early
rancher in Houserock Valley.

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