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Cameron is the eastern gateway to Grand Canyon National Park. It lies at the junction of U.S. Highway 89 and Arizona Highway 64. The east entrance is about half an hour's drive from Cameron on Highway 64. A motel, a few gas stations and a store cater largely to visitors to the park.

Cameron also lies on the Little Colorado River. This river flows from eastern Arizona westward to its confluence with the Colorado River not far west of Cameron. U.S. Highway 89's crossing of the river at Cameron is the last one before the Little Colorado begins to drop into a deep cliff-lined gorge. Across the river from Cameron, to the north and east, lies the painted desert, an area of colorful desert formations. To the south, the San Francisco Peaks, Arizona's tallest mountains, can be seen. Nearer at hand, the Coconino Rim is a flat-topped ridge of mountain that lies just to the southwest.

Cameron is part of the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation, which covers most of northern Arizona east of the Colorado River. Typical of Native American communities, houses are scattered through the surrounding area, accessed mostly by meandering dirt roads. Highway 89 passes through headed north and south. About a mile south of the river, State Highway 64 heads westward from the only major intersection in town. The town's one motel and resort is built overlooking the Little Colorado River, complete with a gift shop, restaurant and gas station. The other businesses are located at the junction.

Three bridges where Highway 89 crosses the Little Colorado are extant. The current bridge is a concrete structure that is some sixty feet above the river. Running parallel to it is a scenic, old steel suspension bridge, which is closed to all access but still provides a picturesque landmark. A third bridge lies close to the level of the river, accessed by a road that climbs down into the gorge.

The population of Cameron was 978 at the 2000 census and the elevation is 4,202 feet.

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